Specialized testing and measurements

PAK SERWIS performs specialized tests and diagnostic measurements, including the following:

  • Thermographic testing: of electrical devices, cable ducts, heating elements,
  • Leak detection in vacuum and pressure systems, leak detection of gases from tanks and pipelines,
  • Emmission measurements of gas and dust pollution,
  • Electrical equipment and installation tests (including tests of primary equipment and high voltage transformers, motors and generators, cable lines, lightning and electric shock protection),
  • Ultrasonic testing (examination of welded joints and metallurgical products, thickness measurement),
  • Magnetic-powder, penetration and visual tests,
  • Measurements of metal hardness, tension and bending tests,
  • Radiographic and metallographic tests - macroscopic,
  • Chemical composition testing (emission spectrometry with spark excitation),
  • Measurement equipment lab tests:
    • - Electrical measurement equipment,
    • - Pressure temperature measurement equipment,
    • - Dielectric equipment tests.

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