Projects’ execution – power generation and industry

PAK SERWIS offers comprehensive projects’ execution – repair, modernization and turnkey projects in the following areas:
  • Low and medium voltage electrical systems and installations (including switchgear, control and protection systems, heating systems, cable system and overhead power lines),
  • Power output lead from turbogenerators (including power unit measurement and protection systems and digital power control circuits),
  • Reactive power compensation systems,
  • Automation systems (of power units and auxiliary systems, machinery, equipment and production lines, loose material transport systems, pumping stations, etc.) based on DCS, PAC and PLC systems (Siemens, GE, Schneider Electric, Emerson), including programming,
  • IT and monitoring systems and technical protection systems,
  • Power units pressure systems (pipelines with fittings, superheaters and screens, chambers, boiler drums, etc.), auxiliary systems (fans, coal mills, air heaters, air and flue gas ducts),
  • Steam turbogenerators (control systems, bearing, low-pressure casing with condensers) including auxiliary equipment (recovery systems, oil systems, feedwater pumps, condensate pumps, exciters, etc.),
  • Auxiliary installations and systems (water power economy, water treatment installation, cooling water pumps and systems, fittings, coal and ash handling system, flue gas desulphurization system, pressure air, gas and burning oil installations),
  • Boiler houses, heating networks and RES installations,
  • Building projects (industrial buildings, steel and steel-concrete structures, engineering and hydrotechnical facilites, water and sewage installations).

The range of PAK Serwis includes:
  • Providing project and formal-and-legal documentation,
  • Completeness and supply of necessary material and equipment,
  • Execution of assembly works, postassembly and commissioning tests,
  • Execution of acceptance procedures,
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.
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